Since NY State Hockey Hall of Fame Coach John Zegras (1974-1993) started the Varsity program, the Garnets have won 14 League Championships, 13 Section 1 Championships, 8 Regional Championships, 7 NY State Final Four appearances, and competed in 2 NY State Finals.

NY State Hockey Hall of Fame Coach John Zegras (1974-1993) led the team to win nine Section 1 Championships, six Regional Championships, five NY State Final Four appearances and in 1982 the Garnets were a NY State Finalist. 
Kevin Kelly coached the team from 1994-2003.  During his tenure, the Garnets won one Section 1 Championship, one Regional Championship, one NY State Final Four appearance and in 1994 the Garnets were again a NY State Finalist.
Jason Friesen from 2004-2013 guided Ryeʼs scholar/athletes to three Section 1 Championships, one Regional Championship, one NY State Final Four appearance, and received numerous sportsmanship awards.

Peter Thomas became head coach in 2014. As a Garnet player, Peter won four Section 1 championships and one regional championship under Coach John Zegras. Prior 2014 he was the Head Coach Rye Town-Harrison for one season and the Varsity Assistant Coach for the Rye Garnets for the 10 prior seasons.