Since NY State Hockey Hall of Fame Coach John Zegras (1974-1993) started the Varsity program, the Garnets have won 14 League Championships, 13 Section 1 Championships, 8 Regional Championships, 7 NY State Final Four appearances, and competed in 2 NY State Finals.

NY State Hockey Hall of Fame Coach John Zegras (1974-1993) led the team to win nine Section 1 Championships, six Regional Championships, five NY State Final Four appearances and in 1982 the Garnets were a NY State Finalist. 
Kevin Kelly coached the team from 1994-2003.  During his tenure, the Garnets won one Section 1 Championship, one Regional Championship, one NY State Final Four appearance and in 1994 the Garnets were again a NY State Finalist.
Jason Friesen from 2004-2013 guided Ryeʼs scholar/athletes to three Section 1 Championships, one Regional Championship, one NY State Final Four appearance, and received numerous sportsmanship awards.

Beginning in 2014, Coach Peter Thomas began guiding the Garnets. As a Garnet player, Peter won three Section 1 championships and one regional championship under Coach John Zegras. Prior to taking over as head coach, he served as the assistant coach for 10 seasons.  In his time as head coach, Rye has been recognized with the Howard Kosel Team Sportsmanship award, Scholar Athlete Team, as well as Coach of the Year.

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